Forever Agent


There truly is nothing greater than clients who come back again and again. Years ago, I helped a lovely couple sell their home (in a down market) and find, what they considered to be at the time, their forever home. Since then, my clients have worked to update and beautify their vintage bungalow with meticulous and methodical changes. So, it was not an easy decision for them to leave it all behind and return to the East Coast. While sad to see them go, I was beyond happy to hear from them and jumped at the chance to work with these ladies again. Saying goodbye to a house you love is not always easy, but it certainly helps to have a collection of competitive offers to review after just a few days on the market. It is always my goal to help take the stress out of selling a home. Even a dream home.


“We’ve bought and sold houses before, but we’ve never worked with someone we felt so comfortable with that we actually had fun during something that is generally a stressful experience. We would highly recommend Erin to anyone buying and/or selling a house anywhere in Portland.”

L.J. + Nan

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